Life, Simplified

I recently began blogging for the Psychology Today Environment blog. It is really challenging but also fun. Writing in that space pushes me to connect my ideas about simple living with literature and resources that I have been using in my grad school pursuits.

Most recently (about 10 minutes ago) I published a post on Stuff. These thoughts were an extension of my musings on stuff for a recent conference I attended. A few weeks ago at the 44th annual EDRA Conference in Providence, RI,  I presented some of my preliminary research findings that focused on the connections between stuff, clutter, ownership and the creation of restorative living environments.

For my Psych Today blog post, I returned to some of my favorite authors- Csikszentmihalyi and Halton and Clive Hamilton – to think through the stuff thing (ha) more deeply. I love the way Csikszentmihalyi and Halton delve deeply into the meaning of things, how things shape our lives, identities, and culture. Clive Hamilton’s ideas about the connection between economic and social structures and practices have always resonated with me. Thinking through these viewpoints in relation to the self and society was a pretty enjoyable exercise and seemed relevant after I read an article in The Atlantic this morning about our desire for things.

I will continue to post in both places but if you are interested, definitely check out my blog – Life, Simplified – on Psychology Today for some deeper musings.

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